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Hello all!

Just started noticing a problem with my DSR704 (unhacked, expanded via WinMFS 40g to 250g) last night (and still continues this morning).

My setup consists of two dishes (101 and 72.5 I believe) connected to a multiswitch.

Everything was working as expected till I started noticing recordings of 0:00 (partial) lengths and
recordings of shows of the wrong show (the description describes the show I wanted but it recorded some
other channel).

The one thing I noticed was that it does these things only on local channels (my first thought was a bad
multi switch).

So after discovering that it wasn't recording NBC Nightly news on my local channel I switch to live tv
to figure out what was going wrong when I discovered that my local channels were very messed up.

6 out of the 7 local channels were displaying other channels when viewed by the Live TV button.

channel 03 72.5 (WRCB) had a message "Game Lounge is not available on this Box"
channel 09 72.5 (WTVC) was displaying ESPNews (channel 207)
channel 12 72.5 (WDEF) was displaying Jewelry (channel 226)
channel 18 101 (WGTV) was displaying correctly
channel 45 72.5 (WTCI) was displaying CourtTV (channel 246)
channel 53 72.5 (WFLI) had a message about being not authorized, call x721
channel 61 72.5 (WDSI) was displaying FoodNetwork (channel 231)

This all was discovered on one tuner while the other was on channel 204 CNN Headline News.

Rebooting the DirecTivo solved the problem till this morning when all was back as described as above.

Switching the cables on the tuners didn't change anything.

Now that I've pretty much come to the conclusion that the multiswitch is out to lunch things gets weird.

I noticed that when both tuners are on channel 202 (CNN) and I directly change to channel 03 it works perfectly.

In fact if I directly tune from 202 to any of my locals they all work just fine.

But I discovered that if tune to channel 18 (which comes in perfectly) the condition that I described above returns.
The only way to return those channels back to their proper stations is to make sure both tuners are on 202 and then
tune directly to them. If I'm browsing channels, say from 03 (ok), 09 (ok), 12 (ok), 18 (ok), 45 (displays 246). Or
the other direction, 61 (ok), 53 (ok), 45 (ok), 18 (ok), 12 (displays 226). The condition returns if I involve channel
18 in any way. I even went as far as removing channel 18 as a "channel I receive" and I could never get the condition
to return.

Weird uh?

I'm still thinking that my multiswitch is flaky. Any thoughts?


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"I'm still thinking that my multiswitch is flaky. Any thoughts?

I have had multi-switches go out and the same thing happened. I think you are right. :(
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