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I am about 80% decided to dump my cable company .

Unfortunately they are the only game in town other then satellite.

I have just had it with their pricing, poor quality, and a real FU customer service approach.

There is no over the air where I live.

For internet I have a number of choices. Including fiber optic though my power company.

I have a number of TIVO units with lifetime subscriptions. No complaints on the units.

Don't like how the Tivo app (android) just keeps getting made more useless!
So if I dump cable.. I have to dump Tivo.

Looking for a streaming service that gives me all the major over the air networks and other choices like TNT, A&E, FX, AMC, and a few others.

I want to be able to set up an online DVR with the equal of season passes.

Any recommendations?

Thank you.
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