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Static/Snow on lower channels when using TIVO

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I have a Series 2 TIVO that has been working wonderfully for over a year. I have Comcast digital cable and recently the lower channels 2-13 are very snowy to the point that watching Heroes and the Bionic Woman was painful. I've replaced every cable, had Comcast come out and measure the signal on my indoor feed and even tried an Amplifier (which helped some but didn't fix it). When I remove the TIVO altogether the Comcast channels are crystal clear like they should be. Has anyone else seen or heard of something like this before/ I'm afraid my only option now is to buy another DVR since mine is out of warranty. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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Today our Series 2 (540040) started showing snow on virtually all channels. Plug the cable directly into the TV, picture is fine; move the cable to the TiVo and put the TV on Video In and there's snow. The lower channels (2-30 or so) are OK, but by 45 it's awful.

We don't have digital cable, so I don't know how that works. Apparantly in your case the TiVo tunes channels 2-13, and the set-top-box is controlled by the TiVo to tune the higher channels -- correct? If so, aren't those lower channels duplicated in the digital mix? They are for Comcast Digital around here (Puget Sound). If so, you're lucky -- you'll just have to change your tuning habits.

Apparantly my TiVo is toast. And our service contract doesn't expire until next March! Is the tuner module the problem? Is that replaceable? Does anyone sell refurbished TiVos besides Tivo? If so, can I transfer what's left of this contract to the refurbished TiVo?

I think I'm hosed.
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