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Anyone seeing any audio dropping out on the Starz channels?

I thought is was just my Dtivo but then my son who has a H20 receiver in his room asked me the other day why audio was dropping from time to time; it's happening on the other channels at least on Discovery and such but very noticable on the Starz lineup, not seeing (hearing it) it on the HBO or Showtime movie channels either.

Also, it's just the audio, the video is fine....

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Its not starz, or DTivo, but I have a similar problem that may be helpful (or not).

I haven't had audio on the Disney channel for 6 months now. All other channels work fine, and Disney direct into the TV or VCR has audio. Only Disney (ch 64) and only through the S2 Tivo.

Interestingly, we just bought a S2DT and hooked it up in the same cable run and Disney has audio fine.

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I emailed them,Directv, and there response was to turn up the volume on the TV.
I'm not lying !!!!

I figured out that the "Elite" of the Dtv dumb***es respond to email. They can cut and paste.
The "Lower" answer the phones............
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