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klyde said:
If you have a season pass to SGA and its set for first run only, beware that the date of the this and next weeks epsodes are 2005 and the do not register as first run and are not tagged to be recorded. The discription is correct, last week it recorded., Tivo must think its a rerun.
Technically, it *is* a rerun, and the 2005 date is also correct. It appears that SGA is running in Canada well ahead of the US schedule. Some examples from a Canadian discussion board:

Stargate: Atlantis 2: Ep. 13 - Critical Mass (Next Showing: December 5, 08:00 PM)
Stargate: Atlantis 2: Ep. 14 - Grace Under Pressure (Next Showing: December 12, 08:00 PM)
Stargate: Atlantis 2: Ep. 15 - The Tower (Next Showing: December 19, 08:00 PM)

John Cowart
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