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We first saw him in the first episode of the second season. He may or may not have been on the ship before being introduced to the audience.
He was in less than half the episodes of the series, here the episode counts for each of the 'regulars':

Leonard Nimoy: Mr. Spock, Henoch 80 episodes, 1966-1969
William Shatner: Capt. James T. Kirk, Sam Kirk, Sargon 79 episodes, 1966-1969
DeForest Kelley: Dr. Leonard McCoy 76 episodes, 1966-1969
Nichelle Nichols: Lt. Uhura 67 episodes, 1966-1969
James Doohan: Lt. Cmdr. Montgomery Scott, Voice of Sargon 65 episodes, 1966-1969
George Takei: Lt. Sulu 51 episodes, 1966-1969
Walter Koenig: Chekov 36 episodes, 1967-1969
Majel Barrett: Nurse Christine Chapel, Enterprise Computer, Number One 28 episodes, 1967-1969
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