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Recently, I've installed a stacker system that I got from 9thtee.
By following the diagram from 9thtee, I wasn't able to get it to work. But, when I bypass the amplifier (that is, connect the uS575 directly to the HRS4 (4 way splitter) it worked! My cable length is over 100 feet. I would assume that I do need one. Is there a reason why it would work without one?

Another question...
I noticed the PAL30, amplifier, has 3 connections. DBS INPUT, IN/OUT DC, DBS OUTPUT. The uS575, stacker, connects to the PAL30 DBS INPUT. But, how do you connect the the PAL30 to the HRPI (Power Inserter) that has connections for RF and DCRF? Then to the splitter? I've tried various combinations with no luck. So, I connected the uS575 directly to the splitter and it worked.

Thanks for any info.
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