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AVPhan said:
I know about this, same thing as MLB EI with games duration of 06:00.
At least, HR10-250 shows 03:01 duration for 01:00 games and 04:30 for 04:00pm games.
I actually like that the MLB EI games are 06:00 -- would really rather they just be 04:30. But then again, I am only interested in one team and that team plays the longest games of all MLB teams, so using the 03:00 duration usually results in the recording cutting off in the 8th inning. When the games are on channel 95, I have to go in and edit the ending time by adding 1 1/2 hours to each one -- it is just easier for me not to have to do that.

But I can see how if other things to record are important to you this would be a problem. With 6 active DTivo's this is not a problem for me. Too bad the software doesn't allow you to end the recording early like it allows you to extend it.
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