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Spontaneous rebooting...pretty much means the hard drive's going?

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I'm kind of in denial about this, as my Tivo HD XL is only 2-3 years old (got it right before the ATSC transition, whatever year that was).

Tonight my mom was playing something on it, and it spontaneously rebooted. Only I think that was just one of at least several, as Vampire Diaries got split into three sections...presumably it rebooted three times during the show (it missed the end too).

I did the Kickstart 57 and 58s...looks like I should try a 54 too. Both completed fairly quickly (minutes versus hours). Haven't had reason to use it since then.

But...that sounds like the drive is going bad, right? Dang, I wish Tivos had two drive bays you could quickly access from the front, and ran in RAID-1. I've always been nervous about losing all my shows if the drive goes....

Luckily Amazon's Tivo prices are crazy low right now, although I don't know if I have to buy through Tivo in order to get half off lifetime service or not.
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I have a Tivo hd with expandr where the expander was going under. I spent under $100 and a 1tb drive to replace the original drive.

You could get a 1Tb drive from amazon.com for about $55 and use Winmfs from mfslive.org. You would not need to spend $299-399 on lifetime for another box, if you don't need to. Its $399 if its lifetime on the first box, $299 on 2nd, 3rd, etc. not if you buy from tivo, but anywhere.

There is also a chance you get 19.95/monthly and not be able to get lifetime.
Okay, I ran 57, 58, which both passed. I've since run 54, which gives you a menu...I wasn't sure which to pick, so I just did the "run S.M.A.R.T." tests I think it was called-the first option.

That took a few hours, and also passed.

Under that I think there were tests for each of the three partitions (I'm assuming), and I think something like an "overnight test"? I could run that too, tonight I guess?

If it's passing these drive tests, could there be some other issue that would cause it to reboot when it never has before?

Today I realized I did play around with an LED lamp right over my Tivo HD...maybe a foot above it, with a Blu Ray player and top of an entertainment center in between it. Maybe it was giving off weird EM radiation that interfered with the Tivo?

Guess I'll just wait and see what happens... Obviously the best test would be to pull the drive and run Spinright on it, but that would be a hassle and take a long time...
I addressed your questions in the post I linked in post #2 here. The KS tests don't catch all problems, even the longest test. And a bad power supply could also be the cause of your problems.
Okay, thanks! Well..I haven't used it a ton since then, but haven't noticed it doing anything weird.

It would be strange if it was that lamp I was using! I sure hope so...
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