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Well, I guess I was wrong about Roman being dead. Wow.

I like how the show examines the line between true belief and false belief. When Albie and his mom concocted and executed the way for Albie to take over the UEB in Roman's place, I began to wonder whether any of the Grant family believes any of the stuff they talk about with prophets and testimony and such. It's obvious that Albie didn't actually have a revelation or a testimony or whatever he said he had. Has he ever truly believed that he had one? Or do he and his father just pretend to believe that in order to exercise control over the loyalists who do believe? Bill seems to believe for real, with his conversations with Joey about taking on the second wife.

Nicki: That's vulgar! She looks like you Margene.
Margene: [smiles]

Basically, Nicki calls Margene a whore and Margene thinks Nicki is saying Margene is hot. :)
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