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North Texas. Spectrum. 2 Cable Cards and 2 TAs. It took forever in 2019 to get our second TiVo working. But after that, we have had absolutely no problems other than an outage during the Feb 2021 snow/wind freeze period Texas had. We added AT&T as a backup ever since that event.

We use the Spectrum app on an Apple TV in an office room that works wonderful but no DVR access on that. Wish there was a TiVo app for Apple/Fire/Roku TVs to watch recordings or TiVo Stream4K that actually talked to a TiVo DVR for when a mini isn't the best option.

We do have minis in most bedrooms using Moca. But I am one of those that have never had a real bad experience with TiVo and Spectrum. We pay $160 to spectrum for our internet (200mbps)+tv+couple premiums (showtime/starz/starz encore). And Spectrum internet truly is unlimited/uncapped internet. The broadcast fees (included in that $160) seem to keep going up every few years. It is quite silly compared to something like YouTube TV which is my favorite streaming service for live tv.

HBO max is part of AT&T. We just don't get the live HBO channels anymore. Our AT&T backup (40mbps) internet is $45/month total.

Nice having both the Spectrum TV (Live TV) app and TiVo app (live tv + recorded shows + scheduling) on the mobile phone.

$295/month total for 2 Wireless Lines, Cable, Home Internet, and Backup Internet

includes plenty of basic cable tv channels, showtime, starz, encore, 200mbps (uncapped usage) spectrum internet, 40mbps (1TB usage) AT&T internet, 2 AT&T Wireless unlimited(**slows you down after 50gb) data lines, HBOMax. Maybe that's a lot but we never have a problem with anything here. If I had outages a lot, I could easily see myself complaining about prices.

I don't know how much longer we will keep Cable TV because it really is overpriced considering I didn't even include what we pay for netflix/hulu/disney/etc. At some point I could see us ditching CableTV, but I say that every year and both the wife and I do enjoy channel flipping every other night or so.
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