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Spectrum has Bally Sports Midwest. You have no access to Spectrum? If you're not already a customer tell them you'll sign up on the condition you can get the new customer discount AND a cablecard. St. Louis is (or was) Charter Spectrum corporate HQ so if it's possible to still get a cablecard anywhere it should be there. If you can get a cablecard at least you can use a TiVo until they shut off cablecards. Alternatively, you can stream on the Spectrum app so either way getting the new customer discount should be a better deal than DirectTV stream.

Me, if I can't use a TiVo w/cablecard will have no incentive to keep Spectrum cable. Condensed game summaries are free on the MLB app. I already also use an OTA TiVo. A lot of broadcast and cable series are available to stream on Hulu (almost free w/ads), as well as Paramount+ and Peacock.
I’m from St. Louis and after 3 years of trying to lower my rate, Charter finally “let” me switch to save some money. They bumped my internet speed from 100 to 400 for free (3 years) and lowered my TV package with cable cards. It’s funny because the last time I called they wouldn’t change my package because they said, “They weren’t offering those packages or cable cards any longer. They were offering streaming-only.” I said I had 2 Tivos and wouldn’t be able to record anything and they offered cloud DVRs. I told them that’s what the Tivos are for!

It was unusual that they specified “3 years” for the free internet upgrade. I thought they might have been monitoring my internet traffic or VOIP calls since I had researched moving to YouTube, Hulu and AT&T. It’s strange how “grandfathered” was used to lock me in to pricing without a way to lower pricing without losing channels BUT Charter continually added/deleted channels and raised pricing all along.
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