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Interest replies, answered most of my questions before I had to ask. I have a Premier Series 4 w/ lifetime subscription so I am not looking forward to losing this. I have kept this box because it has OTA capability. Spectrum is the only cable provider in my area. I did get the email and a hard copy letter also. I have been thinking about going to OTA only because my basic cable cost has risen to $120/mo which I think is outrageous. My household watches about 3 hrs/day which is mostly news. But we record a lot of cable-only programs for viewing at other times.

Is OTA my only option for using Tivo if they do drop the cablecard? Will I still be able to use Season Pass on OTA? Guess I better start looking for a way to set up an antenna.

For those attracted to the Apple TV offer, be aware that all the good stuff on an ATV is on their subscription TV+ service. I use my ATV primarily to stream other services (Netflix and others) but when I want to watch a weekend news program like Face the Nation or Meet the Press the stream is broken into segments and those segments are in reverse order, so when a particular segment ends the ATV jumps to the next earlier segment. This is very annoying to me. If I was willing to watch from end to beginning then it works, it's just that the presentation is 'backwards'. I have never used the Spectrum app on my ATV so can't say if it is useful or not.
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