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Dear Spectrum Customer,​

You are currently paying a monthly fee for one or more CableCARDs. A CableCARD is a one-way card device - about the size of a credit card - that allows access to TV services.
As we continue to upgrade our networks and technology, CableCARDs will not be compatible with future service upgrades for some time. We have other options for you to consider that will enhance your TV viewing experience, including providing you DVR functionality and access to thousands of Video On Demand options.
Avoid the monthly fee of a CableCARD by taking advantage of one of the below:
  • 50% off Apple TV*** (not available for pick-up in stores)
  • Free Spectrum Receiver for 24 months*
In addition, we are offering free Cloud DVR services for 24 months! ** With Spectrum's Cloud DVR service, you can record your favorite TV programs and watch them remotely from your devices.
To learn more about these offers or if you no longer require your CableCARD(s), call us at 866-532-2598 or stop by your local Spectrum Store. Visit Spectrum.com/stores for locations. We will remove any monthly CableCARD fee from your account. You do not need to return your CableCARD(s) to Spectrum.
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