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Space Needed transfering from PC to Tivo

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My apologies if this has been addressed somewhere.

I've had Desktop plus for a while now and never had a problem, but for the last few days, I haven't been able to transfer any shows that are longer than half an hour.

From recording history, I get the message that the recording was deleted earlier than planned (in this case Tue 10/2 5:22pm or the same time I started the transfer from PC) because the space was needed for another recording. I have up to 224 hours, and can't be using more than 1/4 of that (plus 81 files in recently deleted). There are no scheduled recordings anytime soon, and nothing recording while I try the transfer. I've restarted both the tivo and tivo desktop.

Software version is 8.3-01-2-540, don't think that's changed in recent memory.

Thanks in advance
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Update: Probably a codec error, the recordings show up on the PC as 0:00:01 in length and play audio only, no video through Tivo Desktop. Trying to install videora, but get an error during install that my internet connection is unavailable (immediately after download). Will try again later.
Transfers fine once converted to XVid, not MPEG-2 or DivX. Still not sure why the original problem though.
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