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Poor, poor Butters.

Cartman with his dry balls.


Quick check - did the theme-song intro seem off-pace to anyone else. Like it was dragging??

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I loved Butters in this episode!

When he was reading the terrorist's speech. He really got into it!

And what he said to the Imaginationland leader, something like "You're not going to rape us, are you?"

Oh, that that "Imagination" song was the painfully bad.

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Since they've made fun of Michael Bay in this episode, I thought they might do a play on scenes from Armageddon and Transformers. In Armageddon, there was "Oh, and none of them wanna pay taxes again... ever." In Transformers, the line was "I want my car, my parents. Maybe you should write that down. Oh and her juvie record. That's gotta be gone. Like: forever."

I can picture something similar in South Park, where Kyle says something like, "I shouldn't have to suck Cartman's balls...ever." Anyways, it's the first thought to came to my mind.

It's good to see the show back to form. I enjoyed this episode so much more than last week. That was the first episode I ever watched that made me wish I could reverse time.

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macquariumguy said:
nataylor said:
I wonder how Kyle will get out of sucking Cartman's balls.
I'm guessing he won't get out of it.
Cartman already got the best of Kyle once (at the end of the hippie episode). I doubt Trey and Matt will let it happen again.

It'll probably be something stupid, like "Imaginationland goes away, so Kyle claims that the leprechauns no longer exist, which means that he wins and Cartman ends up having to pay Kyle $10."

(I'm surprised they didn't end up with Kyle sucking a couple of golf balls Cartman had; all the contract said was that Kyle had to "suck Cartman's balls" - it was the judge that made it more explicit.)

-- Don

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Good episode. Love that Cartman's favorite expressions has been built into major plot point of an episode. The "Imagination" song was great. It had zero imagination in it. :) Pausing the TiVo while in Imagination Land was fun. Lots of characters I recognized, but far more that I didn't

Joseph Smith
Count Chocula
Twinkie the Kid
Charlie Brown
Ronald McDonald
Care Bears


Good stuff.

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Token as "Blackie" and Butters as "******". Damn, that was funny.
The Saving Private Ryan spoof was pretty funny as well...as were Cartman's "dry balls".
A good, bizarre episode.
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