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Source for "discontinued" R22 receivers ?

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I have been a Directv customer almost 3 years. Retired EE with moderate computer and Satelite savy. My question is this.. I have a need for an "owned" R22 receiver as I currently have two R15 dvrs that are leased and get replaced by Dtv every 15 months due to failures... Have no HD TV's (yet).. but DO have an ethernet wired home and would like to use it for multiroom viewing etc. I do NOT have a SWM dish, and as far as I can tell the R22 is the only (non HD) receiver with a RJ45 ethernet connection. All the internet sources (e-bay etc) say they are unavailble.... Any suggestions and/or sources ?
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R22 is not a TiVo. Have you asked at dbstalk.com?
Thanks, Have been looking there, but have not posted, will try it.
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