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I am having an odd problem using Roxio videowave to edit tivo files... here is what is up:

- The files play fine in Windows Media Player

- When I import a .tivo file into videowave it works fine. Picture and sound. When I do a split or any other editing in there, the SOUND disappears. The native soundtrack just is gone.

- If I try to RELOAD the same .tivo file in there, it never plays with sound anymore.

- However if i COPY it to a new name, I am ok with sound again until the problem happens again.

- What is interesting is that if I use the trimmer (to trim ends) in videowave, I DO hear sound in there.. just not on the main track.

Does ANYONE know what can be causing this? it is very frustrating... and I doubt it is a codec issue since it DOEs play then it stops when I edit the file.

I do have tivo desktop and plus... however these were imported through galleon... Videowave works fine with other video formats.. only tivo files are having this loss of sound issue. I tried reinstalling tivo desktop and still have the issue

any help appreciated!!!


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Try VideoReDo. It is the best editor for .tivo files, or pretty much any MPEG-2 based video files.

As for VideoWave.... Does it advertise TiVo support? Because if not then you're probably running into a problem with the encryption. TiVo files are encrypted by default, so unless the program takes specific steps to decrypt them they won't work.

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