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Sound and video glitch on new Premiere

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Wondering if anyone can tell me what they think is causing this problem on a new TiVo Premiere. I've been watching some basketball games in HD over the past couple of nights. In a two-hour game I've noticed the following behavior two to three times.

I get sputtering sound and a stuttering picture for about three or four seconds then it returns to normal.

I recently bought two refurbished Premiere's from the Sellout.Woot sale in January. They were both defective. One had a bad tuner. The other had horrible audio stuttering problems along with white pixel sparkles on the screen. The TiVo I'm using now is the replacement unit TiVo sent me.

I recorded the same game on my Series 3. Thinking the glitch may be a signal issue I compared the two recordings.

The first sequence is from the Premiere hooked up to HDMI on the TV. You'll notice the glitch when the announcer says the players name "Walker", it's bad for about four seconds before returning to normal. Then you'll see me switch to Component input on the TV - that's what my Series 3 is connect to. The same sequence is played, clearly.

What do you think is causing this?
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Anyone, anyone... Bueller, Bueller...
I just sent TiVo support a detailed email about this. The only other thoughts I have are about Dolby Digital settings or HD menus. HD menus are enabled, although it's difficult to imagine how that might affect this. Maybe I was using the menus while the recording was happening. Have no idea about Dolby Digital settings, and I'm not at home to check it. It was suggested on the TiVo help site. I hope they actually read the email and not ask me a bunch of questions I've already answered.
I'm having the same issue with one of the premieres I got from sellout.woot also. Interested to hear what TiVo tells you. What do they say to do about the Dolby settings?
From Audio and video troubleshooting

12. TiVo Series 3, HD, and Premiere only: If you experience audio issues, try changing your Dolby Digital settings.

From TiVo Central select Messages & Settings > Settings > Audio > Dolby Digital..
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