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Sony Tivo Sat-T60 Remote Control Problems

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I am new this forum - thank you in advance for your help.

I have the directtv/Sony Sat-T60 Tivo box and my dogs ate the remote. I was able to buy the same remote but when I went to use the new remote only a few buttons worked - basically just the tivo button and all the other buttons did not send a signal to the box. I have been trying to find out how to program the remote to work with the tivo box. Any suggestions?

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Did you change the remote address on the unit? If so, the new remote needs to be set to the same address. The manual has the directions on how to reset the remote address.

Oh I just remembered, there is a switch on the side of that remote. Make sure it's set correctly.
Ok, I was searching with the wrong words - I needed to use: how to change remote access. Very easy to do.

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