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My Tivo is a Sony Sat-60. I am hoping someone can advise me with my
problem. My remotes for this unit are not responding as they should . I have the original remote, as well as two learning remotes that were "trained" to perform
all the functions. The distance at which I can successfully use the
remote has shrunk. Certain functions, such as up/down, right/left
arrows, fast forward/reverse and enter, etc. are intermittent.
Sometimes it accepts the signal, other times it seems the signal is
ignored. If I get closer to the Sony box, it seems to work a little
better. I have changed batteries, turned off all halogen and flourescent lights, cleaned the remote lens and changed the code for the remote. None of these fixes have solved the problem. I know the remote is sending a signal because I have a remote sender near my equipment and I can see it flicker with every keypad touch. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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