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I just bought a Sony Location Free Player Pak. For those that don't already know, this is similar to a slingbox, but made by Sony. There are various differences, inputs, price, software etc. The key point for me was that it works with my PSP.

Anyway, I wanted to pass on a warning to others, and a request to folks at Tivo...

The Sony box does not understand the codes needed to support multiple Tivos. Although it has enough inputs to support up to 3 Tivos (if one goes in on channel 3/4), it only has codes for Tivo remote 0! That is the set of codes that all Tivos respond to.

Since I have several Tivos (all in the same room) this is a big problem.

I called Sony support and logged it as an enhancement request. The support guy was actually pretty good (and I didn't even have to wait on hold). But bottom line he made it clear I shouldn't hold my breath.

What with Tivo already talking to Sony about the PSP, it would be *really* nice if they could bring up this remote control issue since the Location Free Player Pak is designed to work with either PC or PSP clients.

-- Doug
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