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Something Strange is happening

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Hello all, I have three series 2 tivos...Office, Bedroom and Livingroom. Here is what is happening. Bedroom sees all tivos but says that there are no programs in the Office and Livingroom. The Office see both tivos but says that there are no program in the livingroom, I can retrieve programs in the bedroom. The Livingroom sees both tivo and says that there are no program in the Office, but can retrieve the bedroom programs.

All the tivos can retrieve clips on my pc fine.

Any suggestions or explanations, I have restarted all the tivos, that was no help.

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I have a similar issue. I have an existing wireless network with two Tivos (Upstairs and Living Room) and can transfer recordings between these two boxes with no problem. Today I added a third Tivo (Bedroom). Bedroom cannot see either Upstairs or Living Room. Both Upstairs and Living Room can see bedroom, but are reporting that there are no recordings (There are currently three recordings).

Haven't tried transferring recordings to the pc.

All Tivos are set with Transfers Allowed.

Any suggestions?
I think I know what my problem is now - my two old Tivos have been upgraded to software version 9.1 while the new one is still on software version 8.x. According to other threads, transfers don't work between the two different software versions.
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