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Check out this article:


Not sure I really care so much about getting Tivo through a Comcast box anymore. I have my THD and I'm happy with it. Don't really miss On-Demand and when MRV/TTG/eSATA all get enabled, I'll be happy. From what I've heard, the Comcast Tivo will not have the full set of features Tivo offers. Guess we'll see.

My main reason for posting this article is something I noticed in the screenshot.

Notice the extra option there, "Get in HD, if possible?" That would be a nice feature to have on our S3. The live tv picture window is also pretty nifty.
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I'm not sure I see a big bonus to "Get in HD, if possible" for season passes, since the vast majority of shows are either completely HD or not HD at all... For wishlists, on the other hand, it would be great, as it would allow us to prefer HD content without requiring two separate wishlists.

The live TV window was definitely a requirement from Comcast... It's probably close to a 50/50 split between those who want it and those who can't stand it, though. I'm personally fine with the feature existing, as long as it comes with the ability to disable it (which I doubt the Comcast version will).

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