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Some shows black out in the middle?

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I'm wondering if this is a problem anyone has heard of, or if it's a sign my old S2 TiVo is getting geriatric.

Randomly, the picture will drop out while recording a show, and I'll have just a black screen. Sound will still be fine, just no picture.

Sound familiar to anyone?
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How is the tivo set up? It could be a tivo problem, or a problem with the cable box if there is one in the loop.
Well, it's been set up like this for a while now. And one thing I forgot to mention is if I notice, while it's recording, that a program has no picture, I can stop the recording and the picture is then viewable.
Might be the TV.

Awhile back I was getting intermittent backouts on playback and live TV through the TiVo. The audio was there, but the picture would go black.

I thought it was the S-video cables between my TiVo and the A-V receiver or between the A-V receiver and the TV. I tried bypassing the A-V receiver, new S-video cables and the second S-Video input. I went to composite and it didn't happen.

I tried the second S-video on my TV and it work well for a while then started blacking out. Only the composite still connection worked.

Also the TV menus stopped working. That's when I started suspecting the TV. Finally I got nothing on the S-video inputs and I could not get the menus back at all (unplugging the TV got the menus back for a while).

The result was that it was the TV that was bad. It was a 36-inch flat screen CRT monster. I couldn't see repairing this thing so I just hauled if off to the dump and put it in the reuse area.

I put my older 27-inch CRT TV in its place and the S-video works flawlessly now. I can't use the component outputs on my DVD player now because this TV doesn't have those kind of inputs. Soon I hope to get a LCD HDTV and an TiVo HD.
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