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  • Automate a tivo transfer back to a specified PC after recording (select this transfer option while scheduling the recodring)
  • Scheduling recordings from TiVo desktop, yes I know that you can schedule from TiVo Central Online, but come on, how about 1 app to do everything
  • Network troubleshooter, seems like a lot of people have problems with setup
  • HME Application to view PC desktop from TiVo, simple screen shots every second or so (to spy on the teenagers in the family)

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Galleon might to option D. I think it can schedule transfers to the PC too, with a neme based serarch/transfer.

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a. Galleon and TVHarmony are two applications that can do scheduled, automated transfers based on various criteria.
b. Better would be expanding on the HTTPS interface and not tying it to an application, but allowing access to the TiVo screens via a browser.
c. There is a network troubleshooting screen on the TiVo now, do you mean something else?
d. Galleon has this.
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