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Vespa said:
Anyway, I am a former Series 1 owner and I have some questions about my new HD unit that I could not find in the (over?) abundance of information here :

1) Can I or how do I enable the 30-second skip on the HD unit?
yes, same as you always do it. Just might take a few more tries on the TiVo HD but it works
2) I used to use Tivoweb on my old S1 unit, and from what I can tell it’s still kicking around (under a new name) does that work with Tivo HD?
hacks such as this stopped being possible on the 540 and DT units. A PROM chip was introduced that stopped the hacks working correctly. Their are services to replace that PROM chip which requires soldering work. I have not followed what it is like with the S3 and the TiVo HD is too new to know yet.
3) I can’t wait to drop a larger HDD into the unit…how long did it take the commuity to create the tools to drop a larger HDD into the 300-hour Series3 HD DVR? In other words, how long do we have to wait? J
there is a thread started by spike 2k5 here. the mfstools does work on the S3 but NOT on the TiVo HD. Spike2k5 is reworking a newer tool winmfs and has it just about ready for alpha testing. Most likely soon enough it will be ready for general use on the TiVo HD
4) Will the high end back light remote work with the HD if I decide to pick one up?
5) I knew this before I bought it, but let me register my dissapointmetn in no Tivo to go, and the fact there is no TivoDesktop for Vista yet L
yes, lack of MRV/TTG has been bad and boo on cable labs for blocking it. The good news is that TiVo can work on a version that will work with everything but what was recorded from an encrypted digital cable channel. They have told Megazone, which he recounted in hs review on www.tivolovers.com, that they are working on plans to have TTG/MRV for the S3 line by the end of the year.
6) What other ‘hacks’ (either software or remote hacks) are working w/ the HD?
display time. :) the Esata hack for the S3 does not work as well. :(
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