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Vespa said:
1) Can I or how do I enable the 30-second skip on the HD unit?
See this page for the 30-second skip code and others.

2) I used to use Tivoweb on my old S1 unit, and from what I can tell it’s still kicking around (under a new name) does that work with Tivo HD?
As mentioned, starting with the 540 model S2 boxes TiVo began locking things down. To do any software hacks on the 540, or later, units requires de-soldering the PROM and re-flashing it. Not for the faint of heart. The TiVo HD is too new to know if any of the hacks will work on it, or exactly how to carry them out. I'm sure the hacker community at ************.com is working on it.

3) I can’t wait to drop a larger HDD into the unit…how long did it take the commuity to create the tools to drop a larger HDD into the 300-hour Series3 HD DVR? In other words, how long do we have to wait?
With the S3 the existing MFSTools worked with some simple mods to handle SATA. So there was just about no wait. With the TiVo HD that is not the case. TiVo has made changes to MFS, and the old tools will require a major re-write.

The good news is Spike2k5 is working on a new tool, WinMFS, which should be out soon.

4) Will the high end back light remote work with the HD if I decide to pick one up?
Yes, no problem.

5) I knew this before I bought it, but let me register my dissapointmetn in no Tivo to go, and the fact there is no TivoDesktop for Vista yet
The Vista desktop is due out soon, and TTG/TTCB/MRV is supposed to be out later this year, according to what TiVo told me.

6) What other ‘hacks’ (either software or remote hacks) are working w/ the HD?
See the page I linked in reply to your first question.
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