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I have not been active on this forum for a few years since I had sold my S1 and was using the Comcast HD DVD (ick) since then.

Hey folks, I just picked up an HD unit from Best Buy yesterday. Funny side story, Best Buy had a stack (8) of them there, and would not sell it to me until we called Circuit City down the road who said yes, they were selling them.

I got it hooked up to Comcast last night…it only took three phone calls. Here is my suggestion: After to insert the cable cards….step back and wait for 30-60 seconds for the Cable system to recognize the cards. Mine were not being recognized right away, and I was getting a tad nervous and started swapping them around.

Anyway, I am a former Series 1 owner and I have some questions about my new HD unit that I could not find in the (over?) abundance of information here :

1) Can I or how do I enable the 30-second skip on the HD unit?

2) I used to use Tivoweb on my old S1 unit, and from what I can tell it’s still kicking around (under a new name) does that work with Tivo HD?

3) I can’t wait to drop a larger HDD into the unit…how long did it take the commuity to create the tools to drop a larger HDD into the 300-hour Series3 HD DVR? In other words, how long do we have to wait? J

4) Will the high end back light remote work with the HD if I decide to pick one up?

5) I knew this before I bought it, but let me register my dissapointmetn in no Tivo to go, and the fact there is no TivoDesktop for Vista yet L

6) What other ‘hacks’ (either software or remote hacks) are working w/ the HD?

Again, I searched as much as I could across the fourms, but could not find answers for the above. Perhaps the HD FAQ should be broken into two parts: A before you buy FAQ and an after you buy FAQ.

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