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Problem resolved ... at least temporarily. See bottom of post for update.

Have Verizon Fios-Bolt both have worked together well for several years. Recently, have experienced pixilation on live TV. Not all, maybe 20-25% of our large number of channels. No obvious pattern … a couple bad in a row with a good one before and after. 10 good ones, then a pixilated one.

Called Verizon (2 calls, 2 really helpful folks). Initial assessment, it was very likely the coax or how it was connected. But a different cable had no positive benefit.

Light bulb moment … I have another TIVO – a Roamio. It was working fine. So, transported the Bolt to the Roamio room & used all the Roamio connection with the Bolt. Same pixilation problem.

Called Verizon again. Deduced it was either the cable card or the Bolt. Reseating the cable card had no effect. Then, took the cable card from Roamio & put it into the Bolt. The service guy paired the new combination … no improvement … the same problem on the same channels.

So, it looks like it’s my Bolt. Playing recorded shows works fine … although come to think of it, most of the programs were recorded before the pixilation issue arose.

Any suggestions on how I might proceed would be very much appreciated. It does seem like it’s motherboard related … which would be a bummer … my lifetime service agreement goes down the drain.

Returned the Bolt to its original location. Hooked it up hoping to play back recordings & record live channels that aren't pixilated. Just hooked it up with original coax and guess what. Pixilation was gone. Everything is beautiful!!! Must mean there is something wrong with the TIVO coax connector. Jiggle it right and it works. Jiggle wrong and you get Pixilation. Well, hands off the unit from now on.

BTW ... I used a small wrench when connecting the coax to the connector in all cases. So it was wiggling around.
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