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Like last year I figured I'd just make a all year discussion because likely there are just 2 people watching and if it's past the air date you can assume there are spoilers within.

I just caught up on 1 and 2 but did not watch the behind the scenes show yet.

The foot thing had to be very painful and why did number 9's feet look so much worse than the others? Did he have issues before maybe?

I love the off handed descriptions they give. masochist..c'mon, that's not an occupation lol. And they changed number 9 from survivor to hometown football hero pretty quickly.

I guess that first person that quit forgot what was on the show last year? Like that guy that walked off survivor i wonder what are they thinking? All these shows are out there and they should have full well know what they were getting into.

I dont like vals new voice though. It adds 'human' to the equation and with old val, you sorta got the idea val was not human. Now it's plainly a female and i think that is almost comforting.

I was glad to hear the one girl tell us they got yelled at for opening their eyes. I wondered how they stood awake so long.
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