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I am replacing a hard-drive and I am running into some problems downloading the 7.2.1 software update over dialup. I am curious to know...

Typically, how long should it take to receive the full 7.2.1 software update or what is the size of the download when updating very old software?

Is a Series-2 (140) TiVo smart enough (at version 3.2*) to resume a download where it left off, if I am having dialup disconnect problems?

*One of my 120GB drives is failed and I am attempting to update my original (version 3.2) 60GB TiVo drive before I image the new 250 GB drive. The problem I am having is that Vonage VoIP dialup keeps disconnecting. I have made numerous connects, some as long as one-hour and one that went for two hours before a failed disconnect. Obviously once I make it past the software update I can use the network connection.

I have contacted Vonage and as part of their scripted support procedures they recommended using the TiVo (212) area-code dialup numbers, dial tone detect off, and usage detect off. The Vonage support person also made some adjustments on their end for some minor improvements. I was previously only connecting every 8th attempt, at least now I am connecting but TiVo can not stay connected for the full download.
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