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So, I am over at my sister's house and she asked me to ask my "TiVo Network" about this:

What name did the dad yell out when he was faking his heart attack?

I guess they were placing bets at work, and she told them that *I* would give them the correct answer after consulting with all of you :D


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knownzero said:
What ever happened to ripple? Can you buy it anywhere these days?
According to Wikipedia it's not available anymore.

I used to drink Ripple back in high school. :eek: Cheap wine was the big thing for underage drinkers in my Virginia town. At 18 you could only buy 3.2 beer in Virginia, but the state line was only a mile away and the age was 18 for buying wine and any kind of beer in North Carolina at that time. There was a place right over the line that didn't card and the owner was near-sighted!

We used to drink Ripple, Boone's Farm, and Cold Bear wine. I think you can still buy Boones Farm. We also used to drink Jug wine, which although that is a term sometimes used to refer to cheap wine, the Jug wine we drank was an actual brand that was apple wine that came in little brown jugs.
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