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SOAK: How can I find the DHCP client ID on a wired network?

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We are still unable after 3 weeks at college to get the kiddo's TiVo set up. :(

The campus phone network requires 10 digits with pauses to get a long distance number and there is no local access, so that is not working at all.

We're trying to use a wired usb adapter but it needs the networks DHCP client ID. Is there any way to get this ID from a computer that's wired to the same network?

Thanks in advance!
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Needs it? Probably not. But if you have a Windows PC connected, open a command prompt window (Start, Run, CMD, Ok) and type:

ipconfig /full

that will tell you everything it knows about the network. If the PC can connect without needing a "client ID", then the USB adapter can. However, most colleges require registering a computer's MAC address with the network admins, so if the kiddo isn't using a router, then you'll need to register the adapter's MAC. You probably should have a router set to mirror the PC's MAC and then you won't have a problem.
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