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So You Think You Can Dance "Top 6 results show" 8/4/2011 *spoilers*

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Time to see who gets the ax.

Top 6 performance by Justin Giles.

Bottom guy and bottom girl go home based on viewers votes.

Sasha solo - A very nice solo
Caitlynn solo - Pretty decent
Melanie solo - Good solo

Tadd solo - Amazing what he can do
Marko solo - Pretty good solo
Ricky solo - Another decent solo

Kent and Lauren perform a Travis Wall routine.

Melanie is the first girl safe.
Marko is the first guy safe.

Bad Boys of Dance perform.

Final girl in the finals is Sasha. I predicted that right so far.

Pia Toscano performs.

Final guy in the finals is Tadd. I'm 2 for 2.
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I'll check in with you in about 55 minutes. :p
I'll check in with you in about 55 minutes. :p
:D :up:
Pia was still a lifeless performer.
Pia was still a lifeless performer.
man whooooaaaaah i thought she sucked.
Mary needs to put her puppies away. Not good.
That says it all about this season, huh. :p
Pia was still a lifeless performer.
It was very weird to hear her backing herself up throughout that song. And yes, she is still a bad performer with a good voice.

What was up with the weird lyric. My bags are packed at the back of your door? Really? A door has a back? Wouldn't it make more sense for my bags to be packed at your back door? Or anything besides the lyric they chose. Weird.

I was really sorry to see Caitlynn go. I really liked her.
Maybe I didn't hear right, but I swear Cat said ONLY before Ricky and Caityln's solos, "this could be their last time performing". That was a little strange.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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