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pcguru83 said:
2.) Move to cable, which would mean switching to Time Warner cable here in Charlotte. I've had their HD service in the past, and was moderately pleased with their HD channels, but the SD picture quality was horrible. The upside to this method is that I could pick up a new HD TiVo, and be all set, but that then adds and addition $13/month to our bill. Not a deal-breaker, but still a factor nonetheless.

Thoughts? Ponderings? Useless ramblings? :D Thanks everyone...
Be aware that the HD Tivo (or any other Tivo) will not work with the new switched digital video technology that all of the cable companies are rolling out. Time Warner is especially aggressive in going to it, although the timing will vary by local franchise.
Once they change, your Tivo is a nice paperweight.
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