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RS4 said:
The HR20 is highly subjective to taste. If you love Tivo, you may or may not enjoy the HR20. Check out the DBSTalk.com forum. In particular, look at posts from Ken S.
Or look at posts from me. It's possible to love both platforms. The four HR20's I now use work just as well as the four HR10's they replaced. Each machine has it's unique strengths and weaknesses, but both get the job done very well.

I was concerned that after using TiVo so long my non-technical wife and daughter wouldn't be able to easily adapt to a different UI, but turns out these concerns were unfounded. Everyone in the house is as happy with the HR20's as with the HR10's they replaced, especially with the MPEG-4 picture quality, which is noticeably better on the HR20 than the PQ of the HD Lite channels in the 80's on either platform. It's indistinguishable from OTA MPEG-2 HD, which I also receive. /s
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