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I could be wrong with this....I may not fully understand the problem...so straighten me out where my thinking is incorrect.

Tivo seems to be able to update the software on their whim...with very few problems.

Most network adapters dont work because the drivers are not loaded onto the tivo by the end user and Tivo cant possilbly keep up with all of the changes on all of the various manufacturers' adapters.

So...what im proposing is this....why cant Tivo just choose, say, 2 major manufactures (ie LInksys & DLink etc) and keep those drivers up to date on the machines? As a new adapter comes out from one of these manufacturers, Tivo can send out the new driver as part of a routine update....

Is this not possible? Im guessing this has already been proposed by some of you long term users....but....I was just thinking... :p

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The trouble is that even one or two companies can change adapters quickly and without notice and the intersection of TiVos and network adapters is still probably small enough that TiVo can't convince them to give them enough advance notice.

I agree with the idea of stocking one adapter that works. And once new networked TiVos account for some high percentage of new installs, they should just include them in the box so there's no urge to experiment with whatever Best Buy has on the shelf.

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And its not the adapter manufacturers TiVo has to work with, it is the chipset manufacturers, to get chip data to make drivers.

FWIW, I understand they had an agreement with one or more adapter manufacturers, but the manufacturer bowed out, so TiVo essentially had to build their own adapter.
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