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SMC7004VWBR Wireless Router- Compatable?

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I am trying to use a SMC7004VWBR Wireless Router with a Linksys usb200M network adapter for my Tivo Series 2 (single tuner).

Any thoughts? I cant get it to work. Thanks
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In general, routers don't need to be "compatible", especially with a wired adapter such as the USB200M. However, that particular adapter has had revisions which don't work with TiVo and it's not always easy to tell what revision it is. You might find that the simplest solution is to buy a TiVo brand wireless adapter.
Let me make sure I understand what your telling me before I make another trip to the store--

I should return the linksys adapter I just bought.

I can keep the router I have.

I should buy the tivo wireless router.

*Phone tech support told me my particular router is not compatible. Im not real good with setting up wireless networks, would stumbling through that be my easiest solution?

Thank yall for your patience.
if you just bought a Linksys adapter, then yes you can return it and buy a TiVo wireless adapter (it's not a router). You can keep the router you have, however it is a wireless B router and you won't get as good performance as you would with a new G router.

However, I'm looking at the TiVo website and it suggests that the USB200M should work, assuming that you have a recent TiVo software version. So let's work at that for now. When you connect the Ethernet cable to the adapter and have the adapter plugged into the TiVo, do the LEDs on the adapter light up? does your router showed that the TiVo got a DHCP address? What software version does your TiVo have as shown on the system menu from messages and settings?
Not sure if the Tivo gets a DHCP address.

The LEDs on the adapter do light up.

The TIVO software is 7.2a.
You should check on your router's administration panel to see if the TiVo gets an address.
You do know that adapter is wired, right? Some people have made the mistake thinking it is a wireless adapter, because it has no obvious ethernet jack.
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