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Who is going to die next week? It is a major character but some can be ruled out
1 Clark - well, if he did that would be the end of the show.
2 Lex - he can't die as he is the villain of the show
3 Lana - I think as the love interest she is safe

It could be
1 Martha - I don't think so, but she is a possible
2 Lois - because of her history in the storyline, she should be off the hit list, but if she did that could be the reason that Chole could start using her name again as a reporter and become the real Lois of the story
3 Chole - she is a big possibility. Two strikes against her, she knows Clarks' secret and she is expendable. I would hate for her to go, but it could drive Lois into becoming a reporter.
4 Krypto, is he still around ;)

The person I think will die is

5 Jonathan. He has had heart problems, and could have a heart attack causing the car accident. This will be a huge blow to Clark because it's another example of that he can't save everyone.

Any other ideas?
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