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Purchased a used R10 on eBay. This will be our 3rd R10 in the house along with one R15 which I can't wait to replace with an R10. This new R10, once it was connected, locks up when doing a search for programs to record. After entering the first letter of the search, I get the"please wait' clock and it gets stuck there until I have to power off and reset the reciever. Had a similar problem with response from the remote to changing channels and searching the guide - where the channel wouldn't change or the action wouldn't occur for 45 seconds or so - when I first connected it and a reset seemed to have corrected that problem. I am wondering if both of these issues are looked at together if there might be something wrong with the hard drive? How would I isolate/troubleshoot a hard drive issue from other issues?

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Since you purchased it used, I'd do a Clear and Delete everything if you haven't already.

That will return the unit to a "like new" state, fixing any buggered up sectors on the hard drive, hopefully.

Also, depending on when the previous owner disconnected it, it could be on an older software version.

At this point, you'll need to have a phone line, and let the unit connect a few times a day over the next week to get the newest software.

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