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I've noticed some old postings from 2004 on this subject. But wondering if anyone has seen a fix or knows of a fix to solve this problem. Last night (1/24/06) while watching the TIVO'd version of American Idol on Fox - about 1/2 way through it started jumping forward in slow motion. Almost like a slow motion fast forward. No audio at all.

This has happened in the past and wasn't centered on 1 channel either. Last night we were able to reboot the tivo/receiver and then when watching live tv it was back to normal.

Any ideas? I have friends in the same town I live in that didn't have any problems receiving American Idol on DirecTv last night. But they have normal receivers - not HD receivers. One other person I work with have a DirecTivo but it's not HD.

It's so annoying as you rely on tivoing something so that you don't miss it - but then you can't watch it in that format! UGH

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