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i am about to buy TIVO. As i understand the connections, the cable goes into the TIVO box and then into the TV. How do I connect the Slingbox so that I can watch TV on my laptop from another location? Do I simply put the 2 Slingbox antenaoe around the TIVO like I did around the cable box?
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It depends on what Slingbox you have. For instance, my Slingbox uses component cables. So there are 2 sets of these cables running between my Slingbox and Tivo Series 3 for the input and output signals.

Either way your Slingbox instructions should help you.
Since you have a TiVo, you connect its A/V to the Slingbox. Of course how depends on what TiVo and/or Slingbox models you have. RF will not be involved with the TiVo connection.

Yes, you put the Slingbox IR emitters such as they illuminate the TiVo's IR sensor.
I am planning to spend the summer at my second home. I will take my Tivo Premiere with me so I can record off the air, but I would also like to be able to transfer shows from my home Tivo (uses cable broadband) to the Tivo I will have with me for the summer (using DSL).

Is this possible using Slingbox? How well does the data transfer? Is there any other way to transfer recordings to my "on the road" Tivo from my home Tivo?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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