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Slingbox with Dual Tuner Tivo

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Hoping someone can answer my question... I searched the forums couldn't find anything.

I have a Tivo Premiere with a m-cable card and want to buy a Slingbox.

Is it possible to view one tuner online while watching the other tuner on the TV?

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No. The slingbox uses the output of the TiVo to stream (The same output going to the TV). TiVos cannot output two different video streams.
The only such box I know of that does what you want are the Dish Network (now rebranded as just "Dish") SD and HD 2 tuner 2 TV experience boxes that allow for the option, at the press of a button, of each tuner being used independently as well as accessing all DVR content independently and at the same time as the other viewer--essentially a completely independent TV experience. But, of course, that would require subscribing to Dish Network--oops, I mean Dish, and that may not be an option for you.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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