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Having looked through the threads about slingbox with TiVo, I'm still unclear as to the minimum workable upload speed and the actual picture quality of programmes sent this way over the net.

May I seek your opinions?

I have "Virgin (NTL) Medium" cable broadband, which I'm told is nominally 2megabits per second download / 200Kilobits per second upload.
I want to forward programmes to a flat in switzerland (which has a true 3.5megabit download speed) to watch on a 26" widescreen TV through its PC/VGA input (1024 x 768).

Plse has anyone had success with Slingbox (or a software alternative such as Orb) at that upload speed - and what did you get? TV quality, or would you equate it with TiVo best, high or medium? Full screen or less? Would you call it a long-term acceptable substitute or a disappointing compromise?

(My preference would be slingbox as I'd prefer not to leave a PC permanently powered up).

Thanks very much for any opinions

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