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slingbox and premeire tivo

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My slingbox worked on my prior series 3 tivo but now with the Premiere I get and error stating " HDMI connection not permitted, press select for more information." This is displayed on my i phone and ipad when I am away from home. I believe the slingbox works only when the TV is actually on since I can watch contient on my Ipad when sitting in front of the tv with it on. I have the slingbox connected directly to the tivo with component cables. Any sugestiions?
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hmmm mine works by having TiVo HD -> Slingbox -> TV, i wonder why they would change it for Premieres.
according to other posts elsewhere on this site, the tivo stops sending output thru component when hdmi destination is turned off and that can be avoided by getting powered hdmi splitter and runing hdmi from tivo to splitter to tv. I have ordered a pwered splitter form amazon for $25.
Do you have another HDMI port on the TV you can plug in TiVo?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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