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slide remote and remote recommendations

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I have two series 1 philips tivos that are still kicking with lifetime on both. I only use analog cable and was given a series 3 tivo by a friend who bought them clearanced at Blockbuster. The problem is getting a remote control that works on all three for the same tv. I have the older peanut remote that switches between 2 tivos right now. The remote that came with the series3 is the same one, so the signal should interfere with one of the older series1. I was thinking of buying a slide remote just to control the series3 and using the older one on the series1's as before. Tivo's website says the slide remote only works on series3 and premieres so I think I'm safe. Would this work as I described?

Or unless there's other remote recommendations. But I really like the tivo remotes.
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The "old" peanut remotes con control up to 9(or so I am told) different Tivos in the same room. "I" don't know if the method will be any different with the 'Slide.

Right now I am controlling 3 in the same room. Have done up to 4(decided not to activate a Premiere; long story).

Method described here:

The only problem I have is manually switching with the pause + tivo button everytime. I'm lazy like that. Anyhow, The slide indicates it only works with series3 and premiere models, so I figure by process of elimination, having that remote to control my series 3 and my old remote to control my older series 1 should work well. Unless my older remote might accidentally work on the series 3 without a way to change it. That could be a problem unless I can make sure it works on a different channel.

EDIT: after reading the instructions again, it may not be so bad to switch with pause/tivo button. If I program 1 old remote to work with 2 tivos and another old remote(I have a few lying around) to work with another tivo, using different channels (1,2,3) for all, I assume that would eliminate the chance for interference between the two remotes?

Also, would owning the slide and old remote work like I described?
Once you have the TiVos set to different remote channels (1,2,3) you can use any combination of remotes that you want. You could use one remote with the pause+tivo method to contol all three, or you could use one remote to control two of them with the DVR 1-2 switch and use another remote (old or new) to control the third TiVo.

The only trick is setting it up the first time because TiVos and the remotes are set to channel 0 by default. A TiVo set to channel 0 will respond to any remote, and a remote set to channel 0 will control any TiVo.
Also, would owning the slide and old remote work like I described?

I think the hardest part of this process is programming the Tivos. While programming one Tivo, you need to block the IR sensors on the other Tivos so they don't inadvertently change remote codes.
Failsafe method: power down all Tivos except for the one you want to program.
And you can also get a Harmony universal remote. I have a Harmony, but use pretty much whichever remote is closest. If I have to do a pause+Tivo, so be it. Really not that big of a deal.

I imagine through their ways of collecting data and other research, Tivo maybe discovered that there are very few viewers that control two units, much less even more. Probably why they did away with the 1-2 switch. (imo)
Thanks for all the help. I have 2 remotes with the 1-2 switch so I think I'll use that with one for the older series 1 and another for the 3rd tivo. That makes the most sense than buying a new remote and I don't have to do the pause-tivo button to switch between all of them.
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