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We had a PIN request on our Sky box on a film we tried to record from TCM at 9PM using our Tivo. I can't remember the exact details, but I think that it was an 18 and we have parental controls disabled.

After rechecking the parental controls we tried this again with various films and if Sky know that the film is 15 or 18 and you are watching it "too early" then you have to enter a PIN. I believe that Sky are reported to be "working on this" but part of the problem is that they have imposed a later watershed than everyone else...

Note that Sky don't (currently) have information about some channels - I think that these include most or all of the BBC channels.

Basically this means that you are stuffed if you want to watch any film which starts (in Sky's view) too early and you will be out. I might be prepared to live with this with a Sky+ box if I had one, since entering a PIN when you watch it is a mere annoyance, but 2-3 hours of "please enter your PIN" is downright annoying!
41 - 42 of 42 Posts
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