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From Sky:-

Thank you for your recent communication, we value your feedback and welcome
this opportunity to explain our position

The objectives behind the recent parental control enhancements were to act
responsibly as a broadcasting organisation and respond to our customers'
needs, many of whom have young families. As programme offerings expand and
change, especially amongst free-to-air channels, we want to take all steps
to ensure that our customers are able to control household viewing, and
protect their children from accessing material that may otherwise be deemed
unsuitable if they so choose.

Whilst these objectives have been achieved by the upgrade and the response
has been very positive, we recognise that the out-of-watershed PIN control
enhancements to any of our services ease of use is one of the most important
aspects. We considered and tested a number of options to provide greater
control over:

The ability to watch free-to-air and 'basic' channels, where there has
been a substantial increase in the availability, variety and nature of adult
orientated content.

The appearance of adult channel listings in the Sky Guide

The extension of PIN protection to programmes recorded after 8pm with
Sky+ (post watershed) and played back between 6 am and 8 pm

After consultation with customers, channels and other interested groups it
was felt the best solution to the out-of-watershed playback issue was to
make programme ratings (i.e. whether the content is suitable for viewing by
children aged over 12 years, or young persons aged 15 or 18 and over)
automatically trigger the PIN protection. This was viewed as the most
effective implementation option supported by our customer research. For Sky+
customers this means that a PIN request is automatically generated for 12+
rated movies and other content when it is played out of watershed.

As a result of feedback we are now investigating a range of options to
further improve the PIN control features. We hope to be able to introduce
these as soon as possible, after successful tests have been performed.

I do hope that my explanation goes some way to addressing your concerns, and
I'd like to thank you for taking the time to bring your comments to our

Should you have any difficulties regarding your PIN, please contact our
Customer Services Team on 08720 404040 who will be happy to assist.

Yours sincerely,

Customer Administration Department

140 Posts
Deak Brenan said:
Protecting the kiddies is highly commendable so no one can argue with it
*I* can argue with it. I don't want it. I don't need it. I should have the right to turn it off.

I think sky should leave censorship to others and just broadcast, that's what I pay them for. And they can keep SKY+ as separate as possible.

I think the idea of controling what you can playback should maybe be looked at in future tivo software (indeed) a multi-user interface would seem to be a good idea, that way the tivo can record *anything at any time* but in order to view it then you could have a login or somesuch. (ideally a fingerprint reader on the remote to save typing). Judging the the series 3 and the muti-tuners it would seem a good next step.

Means I won't have to scroll through the wife's "holby city" in my own NOW PLAYING screen... but if she deletes one of my favs from her screen, it wont delete it completely until I delete it also! (because it's in both our Season passes) I'm sure this would be pretty easy to code.
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