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Simpsons World The Ultimate Episode Guide: Seasons 1-20

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...is on sale at B&N for $22.48 (marked down from $150). If you're into that sort of thing.

Which I'm not, but when I heard about this I thought of you and your obsession with this show.
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Imagine, a 1,200-page, 8.8-pound full color guide to every Simpsons episode from Season 1 thru Season 20!
Aye Carumba!
Isn't that what http://snpp.com/ is for?
Isn't that what http://snpp.com/ is for?
Why, yes...yes, it is...at least through season 14 or so, when the episode capsules suddenly stop (in part because nobody wants to do them - I would, but I never know what quotes to include; also, the "goofs finders" have pretty much disappeared).

There is even a page there that points out the mistakes in the book.
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